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Home Fitness Equipment

Home Fitness Equipment

Tone at Home® is our premier home exercise equipment designed to give you Slender You® Salon quality results.

Get some of the same benefits you can get at our figure salons in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Just one of our Tone at Home® exercise machines powers you through several different exercise repetitions in minutes. And the more resistance you provide, the greater your results.

Tone at Home® is our salon-quality home exercising system that supports your weight while strengthening your muscles and working with you to increase your flexibility and endurance. Each position will increase your energy level as your body is invigorated through exercise.

Our home fitness equipment is designed with the user in mind. It provides minimal strain and impact on your joints, helps tone and shape your body, and makes exercise time fun!

Order Now or Contact Us today about our effective, easy to use, and affordable home fitness equipment.

A Slender You® toning bed or table is easy-to-use fitness equipment that provides low-impact exercise.  Slender You® is the world's leader in providing quality, motorized exercise equipment.

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