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Exercise Machines

A Tone at Home® toning bed is our premier home exercise equipment designed to give you Slender You® Salon quality results.

Get some of the same benefits you can get at our figure salons in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Just one of our Tone at Home®exercise machines powers you through several different exercise repetitions in minutes. And the more resistance you provide, the greater your results.

Tone at Home® is our salon-quality home exercising system that supports your weight while strengthening your muscles and working with you to increase your flexibility and endurance. Each position will increase your energy level as your body is invigorated through exercise.

Regain a more flexible, stronger you the private and affordable way. Order Now or Call Us toll-free in the U.S. 1-800-794-7070, internationally at 931-484-0808 or complete our Contact Form.

Exercise Positions for Tone at Home®

Tone at Home® is not passive exercise equipment. This exercise machine helps power you through a series of movements and benefits you by supporting your weight during the workout which can help to reduce the risk of injury to your ankles, knees and hips.

3t3_illusLeg Position


The exercise machine’s lifting motion powers you through a 900 step routine while you push and pull your legs in time with the table. The exercise machine’s ability to support your weight reduces the impact on hips, knees and ankles.

1t1_illusSandbag Position


Like doing 900 hip rolls, the gentle massaging action of the sandbag position works the hips and thighs as you do three isometric exercises. You will feel the tingle as the sandbag acts as resistance to the movement.



Stretch Position


The stretch position’s massaging action enables you to work the entire upper body by utilizing your arms as counterweights. It lifts the rib cage and improves posture. The sandbag helps stretch the midriff, waist and back.

4t4_illusWaist, Hip and Tummy Position

The exercise machine’s gently rising and lowering of your legs and the rotation of your pelvic area combine to stretch the lower lumbar area of your back as you work through the table’s 900 repetitions.

5t5_illusSaddlebag Position


In this position, the exercise machine’s action is ideal for helping to reduce deposits of cellulite by deeply massaging the outer hip and thigh. When combined with a scissor-like leg exercise, it strengthens and helps tone the major muscle groups.

A Slender You® toning bed or table is easy-to-use fitness equipment that provides low-impact exercise.  Slender You® is the world's leader in providing quality, motorized exercise equipment.

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